Reflection 3

Write about your game experience and connect it explicitly to teaching and learning, as well as principles of and research about multimedia that you are aware of to date? What do you want to learn more about?

Gamification was first used by Nick Pelling in 2002 and he defined it as “game-like accelerated user interface design to make electronic transactions both enjoyable and fast” (Pelling, 2011, para. 2). Zichermann and Cunningham define gamification as “ the process of game-thinking and game mechanics to engage users and solve problems” (p. XIV). 

When I hear the word, gamification based on the above definitions the first thing that comes to mind are games that allow the players to compete in order to accomplish a mission. As far as my game experience I have only played games for fun. I don’t use any games when I’m teaching because my students are adults and we don’t have any games that deal with our topic. 

Currently we are using hands-on virtual simulators, and I can’t really say they are considered games. The main function of these simulators are for training purposes. These simulators are a re-creation of what a student may encounter.  We use these simulators for solving complex problems that connect to real world skills. This learning system offer a range of multimedia such as text with voiceovers, pictures, videos, animation, and quizzes. But they are safe to use because in real life if a student connects a wrong wire they might get electrocuted, so these simulators are very helpful and useful during our current situation. 

The bottom image shows a multimeter and the student must connect it to measure voltage, current, and resistance. This activity teaches the student how to use the multimeter if for some reason the student is not able to purchase a multimeter, this activity will help the student learn about multimeters without having to purchase an actual multimeter. The student is able to move the leads around and connect them and move the multimeter to the required level that is needed for multimeter to read the correct voltage.  

Amatrol (2020) Electrical Motor Control Virtual Trainer

As far as my kids using games to learn my first grader uses Imagine Math and Istation but I believe it’s only up to 8th grade. They seem to get the learner engage and motivated to complete their math or reading task. But other than that those are the only ones the district is using so far.  

During the summer I downloaded two games for my son to help him get back to reading. One is actually pretty good Khan Kids is free and it has a lot of activities in core subjects. Splashlearn is not free and their math curriculum is design for K-5, depending on the grade level that you choose the math skills range between 44 to 95. My son enjoys these learning games because he is still young and the games are design to engage the learners attention by the activities, stories, and characters that are being used in the game. There are very in interactive which I think helps him to pay attention and likes to complete the activities. 

I guess because I still have young kids I like to learn about ways to improve their learning, I don’t want to make it boring or frustrating. I try to find fun ways for my kids to learn so I bought a drone.  I still need to come up with ideas in how to integrate the use of a drone to teach and learn young kids. But I’m open to ideas and try different methods of teaching and learning. 

Amatrol. (2020).Technical Learning Systems to Transform the Global Workplace.  

Pelling, N. (2011, August 09). The (short) prehistory of “gamification”… Retrieved September 13, 2020, from

Zichermann, G., & Cunningham, C. (2011). Gamification by design implementing game mechanics in web and mobile apps. S.l.: O’Reilly.

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